Subwatershed Master Plans

BBWARM has completed subwatershed master plans for developed subbasins within the BBWARM district. This planning effort began in 2011 with EPA grant funding for the first plan and includes:

  • Inventory of existing stormwater systems and facilities (ditches, pipes, catch basins).

  • Hydrologic analysis and modeling of stormwater flows.

  • Identification and evaluation of stormwater problems and recommended solutions including maintenance, small works, and capital improvement projects.

  • Public participation through stakeholder meetings.

  • Completion of subwatershed master plans.

Each plan provides detailed information on stormwater facilities and stormwater flows within designated subbasins. The planning process includes a capital project scoring criteria used to prioritize projects for BBWARM's six-year capital plan and Whatcom County's Water Resources Improvement Program. Each subwatershed master plan is considered by Whatcom County Council as an amendment to the 2006 Birch Bay Comprehensive Stormwater Plan.

Inspecting a catch basin.

Whatcom County Public Works employee Andrew Tischleder inspects a catch basin for the stormwater facility inspection and inventory.

Subwatershed Master Plan Map

The map below shows subwatershed master plan areas. Subwatershed master plans will not be completed for rural subbasins in the Terrell Creek watershed.

Subwatershed Master Plan Documents

The final drafts of the three Subwatershed Master Plans and their accompanying documents are posted for your review:

  1. Central North Subwatershed Master Plan

  2. Central South Subwatershed Master Plan

  3. Birch Point, Terrell Creek Urban Area, and Point Whitehorn Subwatershed Master Plan