Maintenance & Operations

Whatcom County Public Works Maintenance and Operations is responsible for the regular maintenance of drainage facilities in county road rights-of-way. Whatcom County's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit establishes additional stormwater facility inspection and maintenance requirements for the Birch Bay Urban Growth Area (UGA). BBWARM works to assist Whatcom County in these maintenance programs and enhance their level of service when possible. Maintenance of privately owned stormwater facilities is the responsibility of the property owner(s).

To report a problem with a county road drainage system

call Whatcom County Public Works Central Shop (360) 778-6400 x2

To report any other problem or for additional assistance

call the Birch Bay Stormwater 1-call hotline (360) 778-6300

vac truck photo

Whatcom County Public Works Maintenance and Operations staff cleaning catch basins on Birch Bay Drive.