Pet waste is raw sewage and one of the possible sources of bacteria in Terrell Creek and Birch Bay. Pet waste contains fecal coliform bacteria and harmful pathogens that end up in shellfish and can make people sick. Nutrients in pet waste and manure also feed summer algae growth. Excess algae builds up on beaches and decays, causing unpleasant smells.

Scooping up pet waste and putting it in the trash--both in your back yard and when taking your dog for a walk--is an easy thing all pet owners can do to help keep pollutants out of Terrell Creek and Birch Bay. Added benefits include clean shoes and lawns that are safe for children to play on.

BBWARM and community volunteers work to maintain and supply nine pet waste bag and trash stations along Birch Bay Drive for pet owners that forget their own bags. Click here to see a map of the "Mutt Mitt" stations where you can pick up or deposit a bag.

Birch Bay Mutt Mitt Station Locations: