Clean Terrell Campaign & Landowner Incentive Program

The Chums of Terrell Creek are partnering with the Whatcom Conservation District, Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, and BBWARM to help landowners in the upper Terrell Creek watershed keep Terrell Creek clean. The purpose of the Terrell Creek Rural Initiative is to improve water quality in Terrell Creek by increasing community involvement and promoting voluntary actions that keep pollutants out of the creek. This project focuses on rural portions of the Terrell Creek watershed upstream of densely populated neighborhoods around the bay. The Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association is working with the Whatcom Conservation District on this project in partnership with BBWARM.

The Terrell Creek Rural Initiative is funded by an EPA grant from 2010 - 2014 and includes:

  • Gathering community input on water quality issues.
  • Conducting public outreach to raise awareness of water quality issues.
  • Meeting with landowners.
  • Helping landowners who chose to install agricultural best management practices and low impact development practices.
Stream in the upper Terrell Creek watershed.

BBWARM partnered with the Whatcom Conservation District to apply for an EPA grant that funds both this project and the first subwatershed mater plan in the central - north subbasins. Both projects are designed to implement recommendations made in the Birch Bay Watershed Characterization and Watershed Planning Pilot Study.