Rain Barrels

Rain barrels collect stormwater runoff from your roof and store the water for later use. Birch Bay residents are installing rain barrels to help reduce runoff from their property, conserve water, and save money on their summer water bill.

Rain Barrel Workshops

BBWARM partners with the Birch Bay Water and Sewer District and the City of Blaine to help residents in Birch Bay and Blaine install rain barrels. We sponsor two free workshops every spring. These workshops are very popular and typically fill up a few weeks in advance. To receive notification when registration opens next spring, sign up to receive email announcements on the BBWARM home page.

Workshop participants are given a 55 gallon food grade plastic barrel recycled from local industries and learn how to turn it into a rain barrel for their home. Participants can choose to pre-assemble their rain barrel at the workshop.

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Rain Barrel Workshops

If you'd like to receive early notification of future workshops, please sign up to receive BBWARM email announcements on our home page. Call Holly at (360) 778-6290 if you have any questions.

Download workshop materials

City of Bellingham's Rain Barrel Installation Guide

materials and tools list

power point presentation

Rain Barrel Reference Links

A Green Light for Using Rain Barrel Water on Garden Edibles (Slightline Daily, January 2015)

2015 installed rain barrel map