Many homeowners associations, RV parks, and businesses in Birch Bay own their own stormwater facilities like stormwater ponds, ditches, pipes, bio-infiltration swales, or catch basins. When stormwater systems are regularly inspected and maintained, costly repairs can be avoided and the systems work as designed to keep pollutants out of Birch Bay and detain flows after a big storm.

The purpose of BBWARM's private stormwater systems education program is to provide owners of these private systems with information on how to inspect their system, conduct simple maintenance on their own, and know when to seek professional help. Your business or HOA may also choose to apply for a BBWARM rate adjustment based on an agreement to properly inspect and maintain your stormwater system. This education program is specifically designed to help those interested in applying for this rate adjustment. Contact Ingrid Enschede at (360) 715-7450 x50787 with questions about this program.

BBWARM hosted free stormwater facilities inspection and maintenance workshops in November 2010 and June 2011. Whatcom County Public Works hosted a third workshop in Birch Bay in October 2014. These workshops focused on how to maintain stormwater ponds. You can download copies of the handbook and inspection checklist developed for these workshops under Resources.

Inside a type 2 catch basin.

Looking inside a type 2 catch basin controlling flow out of a stormwater pond in Birch Bay.

Workshop participants inspect a stormwater pond.

Workshop participants practice inspecting a local stormwater pond.

Stormwater System Resources