Birch Bay Drive Outfall Improvements

Construction on this project is scheduled for summer 2019.

For more information, contact Kraig Olason, Senior Planner, Whatcom County Public Works, 360-778-6301.

Problem Description

In December 2017, the failure of a corrugated metal outfall pipe on Point Whitehorn caused significant slope failure on a steep bluff to the shoreline, posing a critical public safety issue and the potential loss of personal property. The replacement of this outfall was scheduled for construction in 2021, but this pipe failure called for emergency action. A temporary flexible pipe (see photo below) has been installed until a permanent solution can be constructed. Tetra Tech, Inc. was hired to develop conceptual design options and provide engineering design services for the preferred solution, which is to by-pass the current outfall and route water to an existing discharge point just east of Point Whitehorn Road. This is rated as a high priority project in the Birch Bay Subwatershed Master Plan and proposed six-year plan.

Recent discussions between BBWARM and the Birch Bay Water and Sewer District (BBWSD) revealed that both districts are planning utility repair projects in the same corridor from Pt. Whitehorn Road to Holeman Avenue. Coordination of these projects will save both districts money and lessen the impact to the neighborhood. Therefore, the scope of the original design contract with Tetra Tech was amended in June to include a larger project area that aligns with BBWSD's waterline maintenance project.

This project is under development - more information will be added soon. Check back for updates.

Construction Year: 2019

Engineer: Tetra Tech

Contractor: TBD

Construction Contract: TBD


Project Update- 12/12/2018

Iverson Earth Works was the lowest bidder for the Birch Bay Drive Outfall Improvements Slope Stabilization project and construction is expected to begin in the next week or so. They will be providing emergency repair services related to stabilizing a slide area and routing stormwater away from the bluff. The full drainage improvement project along Birch Bay Drive from Holeman Avenue to Point Whitehorn Road will be completed next year in coordination with the Birch Bay Water & Sewer District.

Project Area

Project Photos