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Capital Improvement Projects

Stormwater capital improvement projects (CIPs) are construction projects that replace or improve old stormwater drainage systems to protect water quality and reduce the risk of flooding. CIPs typically include stormwater facilities like treatment swales, vaults, and catch basins that remove pollutants from stormwater.  They may also include new beach outfall structures that protect the shoreline from erosion or reduce maintenance requirements.  Capital projects are designed to reduce the risk of flooding by improving stormwater flow capacity.  BBWARM has a CIP program based the Birch Bay Comprehensive Stormwater Plan and Subwatershed Master Plans.  Read more about our capital improvement projects and process below.   

2016 Construction - Collaborative Drainage System Repair on Birch Point  BBWARM is partnering with Whatcom County Public Works to design a new stormwater outfall on Birch Point.  Look for a project page later in 2016.
2015 Construction - Seaview Drive Drainage Upgrade  Construction was completed in December 2015. Click here to learn more.

2014 Construction - Beachway Drive & Fern Park Stormwater Improvement Project  Construction was completed in the fall of 2014 and spring of 2015.  Click here to learn more.
2013 Construction - Cottonwood Neighborhood Drainage Improvements  Construction was completed in November 2013.  Click here to see project photos and learn more.
2011 Construction - Charel Terrace Stormwater System Improvements  Construction was completed in November 2011 on this Birch Point project.  Click here to see project photos and learn more.  
Click here to see the status of capital projects selected from the Birch Bay Comprehensive Stormwater Plan and the Central North Subwatershed Master Plan and read preliminary evaluation and engineering pre-design reports.
Click here to learn how stormwater capital projects in the Birch Bay watershed have been identified and selected for engineering evaluation and design. 
2016-2021 Six Year Water Resources Improvement Program